Rightline Gear 110730 – A Good Product


As truck tents are relatively new to the camping world, choosing a product is not an easy task. Still, I believe I made the right choice when I picked the Rightline Gear model. If you want a comfortable, easily installed and coming with an affordable price tent, the Rightline Gear is a decent choice featured among the top choices in terms of truck tents. Before buying it, however, measure your truck’s bed with the tailgate up to find its dimensions. Once you’ve passed that, choose from the various sizes and models in which the tent is available to see which one best fits your truck. Normally, there should be a model sized to fit any type of truck.

This tent comes in a combination of grey and orange and it includes a grey stuff sack, three matching color poles, an orange rainfly and the sewn-in set up guide. It is not difficult to install, and the main straps are strong enough to sustain it even in windy days. Actually, one of the advantages of truck tents is that they tend to be more stable and what you can really appreciate at this tent is that the nylon buckles and straps are made in such a way to prevent scratching your truck’s paint.

The 3 tent poles go into color matching sleeves, in case you have no idea where to insert them. After doing that, you just fix the poles into the pole pockets that also have the same color with their matching pole. This feature makes this product easy to install even the first time. The rainfly comes right on top of your tent, and, to ensure better rain protection, the seams are also waterproof sealed. However, if you have any problems with the installation process, don’t forget that the tent comes with a sewn-in set up guide.

This tent is a floorless model, which means you need to add a mattress to it or a tent rug, though the first option is the most comfortable.The advantage of the floorless model is that you do not need to remove your tools or other items you have thrown in your truck to make room for the tent.

It is fitted with a sky vent, which you can use for refreshing the air inside the tent or just as a window to watch the stars at night or to provide more light in the morning when you don’t want to unzip the door immediately. Once the tent is set up you will get to see some very convenient features: a lantern hook and, once the dark sets in, the glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, which will help you to easily get out of it in the middle of the night. The downside of using a truck tent is the pre-configured shape and size that you need to adapt to your truck’s bed, a process that you need to repeat if you want to buy an inflatable mattress, so that it adjusts perfectly to the available space. A second disadvantage, also related to the space limitation is that, at least in the case of this product, only two people can sleep in it (maybe two and a half), so, if you go camping with your family, you will need more than one tent.

Searching for your next bass spinning rod

Given its combative and aggressive behavior, bass has grown to be one of the most appreciated and sought after species of fish, for anglers all over the world. This is the main reason for which, when it comes to fishing for bass, most professionals will try their best to find gear that will offer them the best chance at catching one.

I don’t always use a spinning rod when fishing for bass, but, there are moments when a spinning rod is handier and also more adaptable to certain situations. The tricky part about a spinning rod is not how to choose it, but how to match it with a good reel.

My personal choice of a spinning rod is one with a medium length, 6 to 7 feet the most. Of course, the dimensions can also be influenced by the fishing spot. If you are fishing from a boat, you can go for a shorter than 6 feet rod, as they will be easier to handle and maneuver, especially for a beginner. The optimal material for the blank is graphite, as it is the only one available on the market that can render a rod extremely sensitive to movement, and ensure great resistance as well. However, lately, some well-known brands have begun experimenting with blending both graphite and fiberglass into a single product. I have never tried one of those, but I would definitely see it as an optimal solution. In addition to these technical specificities, you should also be well-aware of the power and action of your rod. Generally, even less powerful instruments should be able to help you catch bass, but I would always choose a medium power rod over a light or ultra-light one.

One other characteristic that may prove essential when fishing for bass is the handle. Typically, you have to choose between a synthetic or a cork handle. Most anglers would go for the second without blinking an eye, but I believe that both of them can handle the job for which they were designed. What I consider to be the most important feature of the grip is the way it feels in your hand. So, if you are more comfortable with a foam grip, you should pick a rod fitted with this kind. A lengthy grip is the ideal choice for me, as it provides more maneuvering space, and, thus, more control over the rod, which is essential when fighting an aggressive bass. Also, you can pick a product fitted with a normal grip or a split grip, the first one being divided into two sections, for a better weight distribution. As I said, the choice is entirely yours, and you should rely on the type that you feel more at ease with.

If there is one other thing that I would like to advise novice anglers it is this: pair your rod with a matching reel. There are a multitude of spinning reels available on the market and even more opinions on which one is the best to land bass with. That is why, I advise you to buy a rod and reel pack, and only after gaining experience, start making your personal combinations.

A Good Household Investment: An Electric Broom

My mom was a retired school teacher and she was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease due to excessive exposure to pollution at her workplace, since the school was surrounded by a banana plantation. One day, she almost died at her school due to breathlessness, right in her classroom where she has been teaching for many years. She was inhaling too much dust.

Since then, she was advised to make sure that her house is clean and dust free. She needed to replace sheets and pillowcases which are overused, since dust could reside in the pillowcases that could trigger her asthma. Being the youngest in the family, I personally take care of her needs. But it becomes harder sometimes, especially when a dust storm hits too hard and it floods our house with dust.

So taking out all the dust is tedious and sweeping is time consuming. Sometimes she gets to inhale all of the dust in her room that she would cough at times while cleaning. During these times I always wished we had an electric broom that we could use. Thoroughly frustrated with this issue, one day I decided to end this problem and finally took out the money I earned on from the summer part time job and bought an electric broom.

This is an amazing product that not only cleans the carpet or the corners of the room, it has also proven its worth in clearing water as well, because it is designed for both dry dust and water. The cleaning of the house or draining out the collected rain water is no longer a burdensome task. With the electric broom I have, it made my life way easier and made my mother’s COP very bearable. If only she had an electric broom many years back, perhaps, her retirement might have been postponed. But still, I owe this convenience to the brilliant mind that invented such a helpful appliance! I took mine after seeing a few reviews on the top products and it helped to better choose an affordable one.

Safety First When Working with a Drill Press

I sometimes want to create something with the piece of wood that I have kept in my basement. But every time I determine to create something out of this wood, I always stop when I have to drill either for the added functionality of that piece of wood or just plain design. And I wonder how people did it in the past like in the times of Benjamin Franklin. How do they drill a straight hole into a piece of wood or mount the pictures and paintings on the wall? Were they even capable of doing this in the past? I always have been wondering about this, when last year my wife gifted a drill press to me on our wedding anniversary and it cleared all my doubts.

Seriously, drill press has been a great help to me since then, making my life less complicated than it already is… Oops. And it makes my woodcraft hobby more interesting and enjoyable. Now I use it so often, that I want every household to have one.

I am so grown up to this hobby that I opted to teach Technology and Livelihood Education in my school. In this new pursuit of teaching woodcraft skills, I love to teach my students, the art of making something brilliant and utilizable out of wood. It requires not only your creative ideas, but also accuracy, especially when putting up a complicated design to that piece of wood.

With so many different varieties of woods to work on, you need different levels of precaution to make a hole. With the drill press, you can drill a straight hole on any kind of wood without having to worry about breaks and then you can sell the woodwork piece at a desired rate. It is a profitable hobby that one can engage with.

Best Features for 4-Slice Toasters

Nothing beats a glorious start of the day with the piece of toast coated with sweet butter. Speedy and easy toast will improve any breakfast. They’ll darken a slice, toast or heat bread, precisely, however you wish it. A toaster is an impeccable machine to feature that will not only provide you with the best results, but also add sleekness to your kitchen.

Numerous toasters can do what you wish them to do for you. However a toaster can perform in various other ways too. It will function as a capable gourmand expert’s device, enabling you to take advantage of any dish that features cooked bread. A definite shade setting may be the distinction between a perfect good cocoa brown and a tasteless burned dark toast. Look for a toaster that incorporates a wide mixture of shade settings to browse.

Best toasters that are automatically programmed work within the touch of a button as soon as you push the start button. They work by giving the perfect brown shade. Some toasters allow you to toast four or six at a time. Thus, being a good choice for a toaster.

An impressive slice toaster can stylishly increase any counter it sits on, and provides you with extraordinary utilization and cleanup. For compact machines like these it’s heartwarming to know that you have got hold on solid guarantee in case if anything wears out. When buying toasters one should also have a great deal of emphasize on the customer service in case one has queries related to the usage of features of the toaster.

Eventually, the most effective toaster for you, will assist you to toast in the manner you wish it every time you utilize your toaster. What you need to do is to adjust your toaster according to your requirements to be able to get the desired results.

Signstek FF-003 Review – my newest fish finder

Finding the best portable fish finder is an astounding task. We find many cheap quality fish finders that tempt us to buy them because of its low cost. On the other hand, we also come across expensive products, but are not sure whether it will work well. For a fish enthusiast, finding the right fish finder is very important as it can assist him in his biggest fish hauling.

What is special about Signstek FF-003? Signstek FF – 003 is one of the best fish finders from Signstek, especially, considering its price.  Signstek has been in the market for a few years now and the market reputation of Signstek is really high. They have been providing excellent quality marine products and their customer support service is excellent compared to the other players in the market.

What makes Signstek stand out from the rest? It is really difficult to find a good fish finder for anything below $300. But, Signstek FF – 003 comes way below $200. When buying a fish finder, one of the main things to look out for is the display. The display of Signstek FF – 003 is very good. It can be read in broad sun light as well as in the night. It comes with 2.8 inch 512 colors TFT with V240*H160 screen resolution and LED front light.  Signstek’s ability to automatically receive data when the power is turned on makes it stand out from its competitors.

Signstek FF – 003 has the ability to read way below 240 feet depth. For any fisherman, this multi level depth range reading is a handy feature to have in their fish finder. Signstek is easy to use and has a hundred level sensitivity settings.

The water temperature reader is another handy feature of Signstek FF – 003. Signstek FF – 003 is designed in such a way that it is perfectly suited for amateur as well as for professional fisherman and helps them with finding the fish using its sonar sensor. It can be used in any type of water source- lake, river or ocean.

The battery life of Signstek FF-003 is good compared to the other models available in the market. It can work for long hours even when used continuously for long. Signstek also has the multi-language feature that helps users who prefer other languages.

Many fishermen all around the world have found Signstek FF-003 to be very useful and easy to use. Its ability to accurately find the fish at great depths and versatile nature is very much appreciated by the users of Signstek FF-003. Signstek FF-003 can also be used successfully for ice fishing.


My Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable fish finder with superior quality and features, then Signstek FF-003 is the best fish finder for you. This feature-rich device gives you accurate readings. It is the best fish finder and provides a delightful fishing experience to any fish enthusiast. Signstek’s ability to provide good customer service also adds to its advantage as it is difficult to find good customer service for other brands .

Are Cuisinart 2-Slice Toasters Worth Buying?

A toaster is something a person does not invest in every few months or even years. Investing in the right toaster will last you up to a decade if not more. Spending a little extra time and money once will save you a lot of time and money in the future. One of these smart investments would be to buy a Cuisinart toaster. They are known for making the Top Rated Toasters.

They provide you with toasters that come with three years of warranty as compared to the one year warranty which most companies provide. The most important thing is that your interaction with Cuisinart does not end with buying their product. They provide you with support even after buying the product and their support extends even after the warranty has expired.

A married couple received a Cuisinart toaster as a gift at their marriage. The couple was faced with the issue that the door of the toaster did not close properly after two years of use. Although it was still in warranty, they did not claim it. They continued to use it for another two years, the problem still persisted, but the warranty had expired by then. After checking the user reviews on Amazon, they saw that other people using the same model of the toaster as theirs were faced with the same problem.

The couple decided to contact customer support. On contacting Cuisinart, the couple was informed that Cuisinart is dedicated towards satisfying each customer and a new toaster would be shipped to their house. Cuisinart stands behind all their products and this offer did not start and end with the couple but was extended to every user who was using that particular model of the toaster and was faced with the same problem.

Are Car Seats for Kids Really Difficult to Install?


If you have talked to other parents, you may be well aware of the fact that many complain how difficult it can be to install a car seat. If you approach this issue the right way, however, you may make installation much easier. A word of warning is necessary: it is paramount to install the car seat properly, as it can affect the overall safety of your kid. A poorly installed car seat can lead to unwanted consequences, especially during a car crash.


First, attach the seat belt


The safest car seats on the market come with their own seat belts that must be attached to the back seat of your vehicle. Since the vehicles manufactured during the last decade and more now come with a special LATCH system, making the connection between the car seat for your baby and the back seat of your car should work just fine.

Tightening instructions are usually readily provided in the manufacturer’s manual. Make sure to read them before you attempt the actual installation.

Recline just as much as necessary


There are many car seat models right now that come with multiple reclining options, but make sure that the seat does not recline more than 45 degrees, as it can flip over when you least expect it, hurting your baby. Read the indicators on the seat to make sure that you adjusted the car seat at the right reclining angle.


The shoulder straps should go as low as possible


As a rule of thumb, you should consider placing the shoulder straps as low as possible. As mentioned on some sites you should carefully consider putting the straps correctly as a top priority. This way, the baby will be held on a tight position, so they cannot wiggle their way out of the strap, endangering themselves.

If you follow these simple rules, you will manage to properly install your baby’s car seat without a problem.

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe


If you are planning for a weekend party at your home, finger foods cannot be left out. One good recipe for your friends invited over, is the chicken quesadilla. Being delicious and eaten with ease, all ages love this. Your guests will not be able resist the taste of this chicken and pepper tortilla, mixed with the melted cheese and fajita seasoning. If you have made plenty of them for your party, you can simply freeze them. Reheat them anytime to relish a freshly cooked chicken quesadilla. Now what is the secret behind this mouthwatering recipe? Read along to know the recipe of this amazing snack

Chicken Quesadilla is very easy. All you need to prepare are:

1 pound diced chicken (preferably the breast part and make sure that are no bones in it)

1.27 ounce of fajita seasoning

1 tablespoon of canola oil

2 chopped green peppers

2 chopped red peppers

1 chopped onion

10 whole wheat tortillas

8 ounce of cheddar cheese (shredded)

1 tablespoon bacon

8 ounce shredded Monterey Jack cheese


To start with the cooking, you need to prepare the broiler and preheat it. Baking sheet is needed in this recipe. Make sure to grease it. Toss the one pound chicken with the 1.27 ounce of fajita seasoning and spread it evenly on the greased baking sheet.

Place it inside the broiler and wait for the chicken to turn into tender white meat (this may take up to 5 minutes).

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees C or 350 degrees F. While waiting for the oven to preheat, put the saucepan on a medium heat. Put some oil in the saucepan and allow it to heat.

Put the green pepper, red pepper, onions and the chicken.

Stir the mixture continually till the vegetables get soft (for about 10 minutes).

Take a tortilla and place chicken on one half and seasoned veggies on the other half. Fold it in and sprinkle on top, Cheddar and Jack cheese. When you finish stuffing all the tortillas, place it in the oven on the baking sheet for approximately 10 minutes or till the cheese is ready.

Have a great time in your party with this easy and quick finger snack.

Why I love my new foot spa

I’ve been looking for the perfect spa machine for a long time. I went over multiple foot massage spa reviews. Many times I have decided for a product, only to change my mind after a couple of minutes. The reason for my indecision is that the first product I bought cracked in the first months of use. It was made with poor quality plastic, and I could notice from the beginning that the massage rollers and nodes at the bottom only delivered a fainted massage.

Fortunately, at last, I’ve managed to find a positively amazing foot spa. It is solidly built with a strong plastic that I’m sure will take me a while to crack or even scratch. It looks like an usual foot spa tool and it is fitted with a splashguard. It took me some thinking before ordering it, because it cost me more than double the money I paid for my first foot spa machine. In the end, after I remembered how unpleasantly surprised I was when I first used my previous foot spa machine, I decided it was worth the investment. This time I wasn’t disappointed.

The foot spa offers four main functions, all of which can be set using a single control that you turn until it points to the one you want. At the back, it has a drainage hose so I don’t have to carry it with my hands and empty it, which is a major advantage since I love filling my spa with as much water as possible. This item has a maximum water level indicated on its surface and I never put less water than the maximum allowed. The floor has a massage pattern that presses on trigger points on your sole that spread the relaxation feeling throughout the body, not only in your feet.

The feature that I am most pleased with is its heating power. I can easily be satisfied with a quality bubble massage and good vibration levels, but I really care about optimal water temperature. This machine heats water until 50 degrees Celsius and it keeps it that way, but also alerts you when the water’s temperature exceeds the 42 degrees limit I can literally spend an hour enjoying the hot water. I just sit there and at a point, when I’ve had enough, I start clipping my nails and peeling off dead skin with a pumice stone. However, the essential is that the water temperature remains stable, and I am able to turn the heating function off and restart whenever I please. This was a major surprise, since the heating function is always unsatisfying in most foot spa machines that I have used.

The second most thrilling feature that I absolutely adore at this foot spa is that it offers a lot of space. It’s not one of those spa monsters that you can fit your legs almost up to your knees, but it is taller than most spa machines that always made me feel like I needed more water and I couldn’t feel comfortable enough, afraid I might spill water on the floor. When using this product, my feet feel comfortable, and I think it can be used by any person, no matter their feet size.

My sump pump sucks

I didn’t think I’d have so many problems with my sump pump when I bought it. After all, it was brand new, and it had just one job to do and failed to do so miserably. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t have a lot of budget for such a machine at the time, which is why I went out and bought the cheapest model made of plastic. I didn’t even consider the fact that its capabilities were limited and it would eventually stop working altogether.

The model I’m referring to is the Zoeller 44-0007. I had nothing but trouble thanks to this sump pump. For one, the manufacturer is advertising it as an automatic submersible alternative, but let me tell you this thing is anything but automatic. I had the bad luck of being on vacation while it stopped working and guess what? My basement flooded. What’s more, my neighbor’s basement did just the same, and now I have to pay for my repairs and the ones over at his house, as well. I couldn’t be any less unhappy with my purchase.

Before going on the trip that my family and I had planned for months, we had an incident with the Zoeller that I thought was just the occasional issue that might occur from time to time. We went to bed and so I set the system to automatic. In the middle of the night, I went down the stairs to see whether the machine was doing what it was supposed to be doing. Believe it or not, I found a lot of water on the floor and when I turned the lights on, I noticed that there was considerable damage all over the place. I went online to see what other people had to say about the model and I unfortunately came to the conclusion that it’s not an automatic unit at all. In fact, it’s a manual pump that features an automatic sensor for when there’s no more water to pump. In other words, the single good thing about this model is that it’s able to shut down without needing my wife or me turning it off manually. Obviously, it’s not capable of turning on when the water reaches a critical level which actually defeats its purpose in my opinion.

In the end, I can’t think of a single thing other than buying a new and better sump pump or getting a replacement from the brand considering that this model is being advertised as an automatic alternative when it most clearly is not. I heard a lot of things about Zoeller and should have probably considered a heavy-duty model as I’ve noticed that many people tend to think that this company designs high-quality sump pumps. One thing’s for sure, though, an 18 GPM unit is downright useless for my family and me.

I Punch All My Stress Away

I looked in the mirror this morning and realized one thing that I have grown too lazy to even think of burning down some fats. And thinking about my boyfriend who dumped me, made me too dramatic and discouraged to even try to maintain the figure I had. Yes, it is indeed pathetic, but we girls tend to react too intensely at times.

Like cold water poured out on me, I finally realized that no matter what, I am the only person accountable and responsible for my body. And so, I began looking for something that would help me bring back the old me: fit, well-toned, strong and sexy. I have become so lazy and weak and perhaps I needed some form of action in my life, to release my frustrations. Then it hit me and I realized that I needed something to vent out my anger and frustrations on and then I saw the heavy bag.

So, I bought the 70 LB punching bag online, where I got twenty five percent discount for signing up. I got very excited.  I talked to a friend of mine who happens to be a boxing instructor who enumerated the benefits that I will be enjoying with this workout. He also showed me photos of some women who were three times bigger than I am but they exhibited immense changes in their body after training with a punching bag.

With excitement, I started working out with a punching bag, but it was not as easy as it looked in the promotional videos supplied with the punching bag kit. It was quite painful. The gloves and wristband which I was using for punches were not good according to my friend, who persuaded me to get some quality punching gear.

So I bought the complete punching gear set – the boxing gloves and the speed bag which drastically improved the results. My friend taught me how to punch correctly. He also showed me how to keep still while punching and maintain the balance. It’s almost a week now, I am already starting to see some progress!

I Cast Where My Fishfinder Says


A number of devices have been made for the aid of fishermen and to enable them to catch more and more fish. One the most important devices made for this purpose is the fish finder.

The technology used in the fish finder is the SONAR. SONAR waves keep sweeping the river bed from the right to left direction. This fact must be kept in mind while reading the fish finder screen. It presents us with a thermal graph, showing the most recent reading on the right side of the screen owing to the sweeping action of the SONAR.


One of the examples of a basic fish finder is the Hummingbird PirhanaMax 190c. This is the Best Fish Finder for the beginning fishermen and displays the readings on a 3.5 inch colored screen. Some models of the fish finder have a temperature sensor built in and the depth and temperature of the water are shown at the top left corner of the screen. Furthermore, some models have a motion sensor which tells us how fast the boat is moving.

The graph represented on the screen of his fish finder is made up of a couple of things that we need to pay importance to. First of all is the thick red wavy line, this represents the river bed. The green beneath the red line represents the hardness of the river bed. The greater the quantity of green, the softer is the river bed. This is because of the greater penetration of the SONAR waves in the soft portion of the river bed.

Some green spots are also visible above the thick red line. This means that there are some structures present at the bottom. This is the place where the fish are usually present and the probability of them being found is the highest.

Some models have a side imaging transducer which shows two images on the screen which are clearer and sharper than the previous one as this model uses a higher frequency.

In these models, there is a line in the middle that represents the water surface with images on both its sides. The left side image shows structures underneath the water surface. On a closer inspection some tiny dots are also visible. These are the fish. This is an indicator that you are definitely on the right track.

You can apply these general tips to pretty much any Fishfinder, however, in the event that you truly need to utilize your machine to its fullest capacities, you should consider doing the following; make a go at angling all the more regularly and invest more energy out on the water, so you can explore this device to its maximum.

Can You Lose Weight with a Yogurt Based Diet?


Yogurt is appreciated as being one of the healthiest foods you can easily incorporate in your daily menu. Lately, there have been claims related to fast weight loss for diets that include this tasty food. Since any fad diet should be taken with a pinch of salt, you should know that consistent weight loss cannot be obtained without combining diet and exercise. So, even if you eat right, you should consider some form of physical activity to go with your diet, so you can obtain the weight loss you are aiming for. Here are some basic rules of a diet based on yogurt.

Low fat yogurt is preferred


For obvious reasons, the type of yogurt preferred for a weight loss diet is low fat. When your intake of food includes less fat, your body will be forced to consume some of its reserve, which will result in weight loss. The best thing about having yogurt as part of your diet is that you can combine it with different foods for a better taste, and your digestive system will not be forced into a shock caused by reducing the quantity of food eaten.


Whole grains, fruits and veggies


The key to a successful diet is to keep up with the recommended list of permitted foods. In the case of a yogurt based diet, you are allowed to consume whole grains, fruits and veggies, in small quantities. Creating delicious salads with veggies and yogurt is a great idea, and you will feel full for a longer time. A fruit yogurt makes for the perfect dessert, so you will not feel like you are suffering from restrictions too much.


Lean meat is allowed


Turkey is the best choice when it comes to choosing the type of meat to eat while following a yogurt based diet. Because it is really lean, this meat will offer you the needed proteins without unnecessary fat. Yogurt also brings its fair share of proteins, so your body will take advantage of a balanced diet and lose weight in a healthy manner.


Homemade yogurt is preferred

The supporters of this type of diet say a clear ‘no’ to the yogurts filled with preservatives that are sold in stores. I stand by this recommendation wholeheartedly and I also prefer making my own yogurt. It is really easy and all you need is milk, starter and a yogurt maker. I got mine after I read more about different models on this site, where comprehensive information is offered to all those interested in making yogurt at home.


Weather Radios – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I get a weather radio from?

A: Weather radios can be purchased from retail outlets specialized in selling electronics, sporting goods or boat and marine accessories. You can also find many weather radios online.


Q: What is the most important aspect to look for in the best weather radio?

A: There are many features you can find employed on a weather radio, but the most recommended is a model with the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards logo. These radios have all the necessary features so you can be protected all the time, and they have also been tested for user friendliness.

Q: How much should I pay for a weather radio?

A: The pricing for weather radios varies, starting with 20USD. Hand crack ones are a little bit more expensive.

Q: What are the most useful features?

A: The most useful feature is a tone alarm capable of turning on the radio and alerting those in the household, especially during the night. The next in line is SAME, the acronym for Specific Alert Message Encoding, that can be programmed so you receive mainly the alerts concerning a certain area. The ability to select alerts only for certain events is also useful, in case there are events that do not affect you and you have no interest of learning about them.


Q: What to do if the signal is not adequate?

A: There are many reasons for which the signal on a weather radio may not be adequate. First things first, check to see if you are in an area covered by NWR. Bodies of water, forests and deserts standing between you and the station can seriously affect signal quality. Moving to higher elevations can help improving the signal. Taking the radio close to a window facing the direction of the station may also greatly improve signal quality.


How to Set Up an RV GPS for the First Time


An RV GPS from Magellan can save you a great deal of time and headache when you are on the road. If you are new to using GPS units, this short guide will help you understand how to set it up and start using it during your travels.

When you take your RV GPS out of the box, you will notice that it comes with a suction cup and a dashboard disk. The suction cup is used for employing the RV GPS on your windshield. However, because RV GPS units tend to be larger than the rest of the GPS models sold on the market, you may not feel comfortable with having it installed on your windshield, blocking part of your view. The dashboard disk has an adhesive back, so you can place it on any flat, smooth surface, such as your dashboard. The mounting on the windshield requires a bracket that can work with joints, or adjustment nuts. After setting up the bracket, you simply mount the GPS on the bracket and this is all.

Once the GPS installed, you will need to fire it up. You will be asked to introduce your time zone and then a personalized password, so you can protect your information in case the unit gets stolen. There are units that do not require you to set a password or a PIN, and can use your home address as a selected safe location.

A good recommendation is to get familiar with the menu so you can navigate easily through its features. Among the operations you should learn right away, knowing how to enter destinations is very important. The speaker volume can be adjusted, as well. Some units come with day and night modes that you can switch as you see fit. Keep the quick start guide close by, in case you have no idea how to return to the default settings.


Why You Should Use a Radar Detector


Do you need a Radar Detector?


Radar detectors are quite a debate issue, with supporters on both parts of the barricade. In some states, they are legal, while in others are illegal, so you need to make sure, prior to any purchase, that you know the legislation well in this regard. This way, you will not end up breaking the law and you will know exactly where you can use a radar detector.

A word of caution is needed, nonetheless. Avoiding a fine for exceeding the speed limit by little is totally acceptable, but never use a radar detector to feel free to speed up all the time. A radar detector cannot replace the need for responsible driving. However, there are even law enforcement officers who agree that most car drivers exceed the required speed limit only by 5-10 miles per hour, and this is not a condition that greatly contributes to traffic accidents. Basically, if it happens that you go a little faster, given to certain circumstances, and you want to avoid getting a fine, with the help of a radar detector, you will increase your chances of escaping with your pockets unscathed.

Especially on major highways, it is nothing uncommon for car drivers to speed up and almost everyone is driving at the same speed. If the speed you are driving at is not that high compared to the legal limit, in case you are caught by a traffic agent, you can get an unnecessary ticket. During recent years, it has been noted an increase in the number of traffic tickets, which means that you have small chances of getting away with a few miles over the legal limit. To avoid such things from happening to you, the best course of action is to get a radar detector, and have enough time to lower your speed before passing by a police radar.


4 Slice Toasters Are Always a Good Idea

I grew up in a large family and sometimes preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast takes a long process with each member in the family having different preferences for a meal. Someone likes to eat oats with milk in the morning while others like a buttered toast, and jam in the morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

We used to have 2 slot toaster which was okay before my younger siblings came into this world. As they grew older, they already had a strong idea as to what they want to do with their bread and toasting in a 2 slot toaster became time consuming since it had  only 2 slots.

A lot of people don’t think much about their toasters, but looking at the situation that we have every morning, which is exhausting and sometimes chaotic, my mother decided to buy a 4 slot toaster. Yes, it was more expensive than a 2 slot, however, we liked the fact that it is the answer to our need to toast 4 bread slices at a time which was a big help in saving time.

The one that we fell in love with, was the silver toaster with 4 slots where each slot was independent from the others. Hence, we are now able to control the kind of toast any one of us wanted to have with our bread slice that we put together, in the slots of that magical device.


The toaster that we bought is very interesting that it serves us in whatever way we wished to have our toast. It gives my mother the capability to decide how she wanted the bread slice to be toasted. Years after, when I got married, my mother made it a point to gift me the same toaster and I too am taking full advantage of its capability!