4 Slice Toasters Are Always a Good Idea

I grew up in a large family and sometimes preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast takes a long process with each member in the family having different preferences for a meal. Someone likes to eat oats with milk in the morning while others like a buttered toast, and jam in the morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

We used to have 2 slot toaster which was okay before my younger siblings came into this world. As they grew older, they already had a strong idea as to what they want to do with their bread and toasting in a 2 slot toaster became time consuming since it had  only 2 slots.

A lot of people don’t think much about their toasters, but looking at the situation that we have every morning, which is exhausting and sometimes chaotic, my mother decided to buy a 4 slot toaster. Yes, it was more expensive than a 2 slot, however, we liked the fact that it is the answer to our need to toast 4 bread slices at a time which was a big help in saving time.

The one that we fell in love with, was the silver toaster with 4 slots where each slot was independent from the others. Hence, we are now able to control the kind of toast any one of us wanted to have with our bread slice that we put together, in the slots of that magical device.


The toaster that we bought is very interesting that it serves us in whatever way we wished to have our toast. It gives my mother the capability to decide how she wanted the bread slice to be toasted. Years after, when I got married, my mother made it a point to gift me the same toaster and I too am taking full advantage of its capability!