A Good Household Investment: An Electric Broom

My mom was a retired school teacher and she was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease due to excessive exposure to pollution at her workplace, since the school was surrounded by a banana plantation. One day, she almost died at her school due to breathlessness, right in her classroom where she has been teaching for many years. She was inhaling too much dust.

Since then, she was advised to make sure that her house is clean and dust free. She needed to replace sheets and pillowcases which are overused, since dust could reside in the pillowcases that could trigger her asthma. Being the youngest in the family, I personally take care of her needs. But it becomes harder sometimes, especially when a dust storm hits too hard and it floods our house with dust.

So taking out all the dust is tedious and sweeping is time consuming. Sometimes she gets to inhale all of the dust in her room that she would cough at times while cleaning. During these times I always wished we had an electric broom that we could use. Thoroughly frustrated with this issue, one day I decided to end this problem and finally took out the money I earned on from the summer part time job and bought an electric broom.

This is an amazing product that not only cleans the carpet or the corners of the room, it has also proven its worth in clearing water as well, because it is designed for both dry dust and water. The cleaning of the house or draining out the collected rain water is no longer a burdensome task. With the electric broom I have, it made my life way easier and made my mother’s COP very bearable. If only she had an electric broom many years back, perhaps, her retirement might have been postponed. But still, I owe this convenience to the brilliant mind that invented such a helpful appliance! I took mine after seeing a few reviews on the top products and it helped to better choose an affordable one.