Are Car Seats for Kids Really Difficult to Install?


If you have talked to other parents, you may be well aware of the fact that many complain how difficult it can be to install a car seat. If you approach this issue the right way, however, you may make installation much easier. A word of warning is necessary: it is paramount to install the car seat properly, as it can affect the overall safety of your kid. A poorly installed car seat can lead to unwanted consequences, especially during a car crash.


First, attach the seat belt


The safest car seats on the market come with their own seat belts that must be attached to the back seat of your vehicle. Since the vehicles manufactured during the last decade and more now come with a special LATCH system, making the connection between the car seat for your baby and the back seat of your car should work just fine.

Tightening instructions are usually readily provided in the manufacturer’s manual. Make sure to read them before you attempt the actual installation.

Recline just as much as necessary


There are many car seat models right now that come with multiple reclining options, but make sure that the seat does not recline more than 45 degrees, as it can flip over when you least expect it, hurting your baby. Read the indicators on the seat to make sure that you adjusted the car seat at the right reclining angle.


The shoulder straps should go as low as possible


As a rule of thumb, you should consider placing the shoulder straps as low as possible. As mentioned on some sites you should carefully consider putting the straps correctly as a top priority. This way, the baby will be held on a tight position, so they cannot wiggle their way out of the strap, endangering themselves.

If you follow these simple rules, you will manage to properly install your baby’s car seat without a problem.