A Good Household Investment: An Electric Broom

My mom was a retired school teacher and she was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease due to excessive exposure to pollution at her workplace, since the school was surrounded by a banana plantation. One day, she almost died at her school due to breathlessness, right in her classroom where she has been teaching for many years. She was inhaling too much dust.

Since then, she was advised to make sure that her house is clean and dust free. She needed to replace sheets and pillowcases which are overused, since dust could reside in the pillowcases that could trigger her asthma. Being the youngest in the family, I personally take care of her needs. But it becomes harder sometimes, especially when a dust storm hits too hard and it floods our house with dust.

So taking out all the dust is tedious and sweeping is time consuming. Sometimes she gets to inhale all of the dust in her room that she would cough at times while cleaning. During these times I always wished we had an electric broom that we could use. Thoroughly frustrated with this issue, one day I decided to end this problem and finally took out the money I earned on from the summer part time job and bought an electric broom.

This is an amazing product that not only cleans the carpet or the corners of the room, it has also proven its worth in clearing water as well, because it is designed for both dry dust and water. The cleaning of the house or draining out the collected rain water is no longer a burdensome task. With the electric broom I have, it made my life way easier and made my mother’s COP very bearable. If only she had an electric broom many years back, perhaps, her retirement might have been postponed. But still, I owe this convenience to the brilliant mind that invented such a helpful appliance! I took mine after seeing a few reviews on the top products and it helped to better choose an affordable one.

Best Features for 4-Slice Toasters

Nothing beats a glorious start of the day with the piece of toast coated with sweet butter. Speedy and easy toast will improve any breakfast. They’ll darken a slice, toast or heat bread, precisely, however you wish it. A toaster is an impeccable machine to feature that will not only provide you with the best results, but also add sleekness to your kitchen.

Numerous toasters can do what you wish them to do for you. However a toaster can perform in various other ways too. It will function as a capable gourmand expert’s device, enabling you to take advantage of any dish that features cooked bread. A definite shade setting may be the distinction between a perfect good cocoa brown and a tasteless burned dark toast. Look for a toaster that incorporates a wide mixture of shade settings to browse.

Best toasters that are automatically programmed work within the touch of a button as soon as you push the start button. They work by giving the perfect brown shade. Some toasters allow you to toast four or six at a time. Thus, being a good choice for a toaster.

An impressive slice toaster can stylishly increase any counter it sits on, and provides you with extraordinary utilization and cleanup. For compact machines like these it’s heartwarming to know that you have got hold on solid guarantee in case if anything wears out. When buying toasters one should also have a great deal of emphasize on the customer service in case one has queries related to the usage of features of the toaster.

Eventually, the most effective toaster for you, will assist you to toast in the manner you wish it every time you utilize your toaster. What you need to do is to adjust your toaster according to your requirements to be able to get the desired results.

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe


If you are planning for a weekend party at your home, finger foods cannot be left out. One good recipe for your friends invited over, is the chicken quesadilla. Being delicious and eaten with ease, all ages love this. Your guests will not be able resist the taste of this chicken and pepper tortilla, mixed with the melted cheese and fajita seasoning. If you have made plenty of them for your party, you can simply freeze them. Reheat them anytime to relish a freshly cooked chicken quesadilla. Now what is the secret behind this mouthwatering recipe? Read along to know the recipe of this amazing snack

Chicken Quesadilla is very easy. All you need to prepare are:

1 pound diced chicken (preferably the breast part and make sure that are no bones in it)

1.27 ounce of fajita seasoning

1 tablespoon of canola oil

2 chopped green peppers

2 chopped red peppers

1 chopped onion

10 whole wheat tortillas

8 ounce of cheddar cheese (shredded)

1 tablespoon bacon

8 ounce shredded Monterey Jack cheese


To start with the cooking, you need to prepare the broiler and preheat it. Baking sheet is needed in this recipe. Make sure to grease it. Toss the one pound chicken with the 1.27 ounce of fajita seasoning and spread it evenly on the greased baking sheet.

Place it inside the broiler and wait for the chicken to turn into tender white meat (this may take up to 5 minutes).

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees C or 350 degrees F. While waiting for the oven to preheat, put the saucepan on a medium heat. Put some oil in the saucepan and allow it to heat.

Put the green pepper, red pepper, onions and the chicken.

Stir the mixture continually till the vegetables get soft (for about 10 minutes).

Take a tortilla and place chicken on one half and seasoned veggies on the other half. Fold it in and sprinkle on top, Cheddar and Jack cheese. When you finish stuffing all the tortillas, place it in the oven on the baking sheet for approximately 10 minutes or till the cheese is ready.

Have a great time in your party with this easy and quick finger snack.

4 Slice Toasters Are Always a Good Idea

I grew up in a large family and sometimes preparing a healthy and nutritious breakfast takes a long process with each member in the family having different preferences for a meal. Someone likes to eat oats with milk in the morning while others like a buttered toast, and jam in the morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

We used to have 2 slot toaster which was okay before my younger siblings came into this world. As they grew older, they already had a strong idea as to what they want to do with their bread and toasting in a 2 slot toaster became time consuming since it had  only 2 slots.

A lot of people don’t think much about their toasters, but looking at the situation that we have every morning, which is exhausting and sometimes chaotic, my mother decided to buy a 4 slot toaster. Yes, it was more expensive than a 2 slot, however, we liked the fact that it is the answer to our need to toast 4 bread slices at a time which was a big help in saving time.

The one that we fell in love with, was the silver toaster with 4 slots where each slot was independent from the others. Hence, we are now able to control the kind of toast any one of us wanted to have with our bread slice that we put together, in the slots of that magical device.


The toaster that we bought is very interesting that it serves us in whatever way we wished to have our toast. It gives my mother the capability to decide how she wanted the bread slice to be toasted. Years after, when I got married, my mother made it a point to gift me the same toaster and I too am taking full advantage of its capability!