How to Set Up an RV GPS for the First Time


An RV GPS from Magellan can save you a great deal of time and headache when you are on the road. If you are new to using GPS units, this short guide will help you understand how to set it up and start using it during your travels.

When you take your RV GPS out of the box, you will notice that it comes with a suction cup and a dashboard disk. The suction cup is used for employing the RV GPS on your windshield. However, because RV GPS units tend to be larger than the rest of the GPS models sold on the market, you may not feel comfortable with having it installed on your windshield, blocking part of your view. The dashboard disk has an adhesive back, so you can place it on any flat, smooth surface, such as your dashboard. The mounting on the windshield requires a bracket that can work with joints, or adjustment nuts. After setting up the bracket, you simply mount the GPS on the bracket and this is all.

Once the GPS installed, you will need to fire it up. You will be asked to introduce your time zone and then a personalized password, so you can protect your information in case the unit gets stolen. There are units that do not require you to set a password or a PIN, and can use your home address as a selected safe location.

A good recommendation is to get familiar with the menu so you can navigate easily through its features. Among the operations you should learn right away, knowing how to enter destinations is very important. The speaker volume can be adjusted, as well. Some units come with day and night modes that you can switch as you see fit. Keep the quick start guide close by, in case you have no idea how to return to the default settings.