I Cast Where My Fishfinder Says


A number of devices have been made for the aid of fishermen and to enable them to catch more and more fish. One the most important devices made for this purpose is the fish finder.

The technology used in the fish finder is the SONAR. SONAR waves keep sweeping the river bed from the right to left direction. This fact must be kept in mind while reading the fish finder screen. It presents us with a thermal graph, showing the most recent reading on the right side of the screen owing to the sweeping action of the SONAR.


One of the examples of a basic fish finder is the Hummingbird PirhanaMax 190c. This is the Best Fish Finder for the beginning fishermen and displays the readings on a 3.5 inch colored screen. Some models of the fish finder have a temperature sensor built in and the depth and temperature of the water are shown at the top left corner of the screen. Furthermore, some models have a motion sensor which tells us how fast the boat is moving.

The graph represented on the screen of his fish finder is made up of a couple of things that we need to pay importance to. First of all is the thick red wavy line, this represents the river bed. The green beneath the red line represents the hardness of the river bed. The greater the quantity of green, the softer is the river bed. This is because of the greater penetration of the SONAR waves in the soft portion of the river bed.

Some green spots are also visible above the thick red line. This means that there are some structures present at the bottom. This is the place where the fish are usually present and the probability of them being found is the highest.

Some models have a side imaging transducer which shows two images on the screen which are clearer and sharper than the previous one as this model uses a higher frequency.

In these models, there is a line in the middle that represents the water surface with images on both its sides. The left side image shows structures underneath the water surface. On a closer inspection some tiny dots are also visible. These are the fish. This is an indicator that you are definitely on the right track.

You can apply these general tips to pretty much any Fishfinder, however, in the event that you truly need to utilize your machine to its fullest capacities, you should consider doing the following; make a go at angling all the more regularly and invest more energy out on the water, so you can explore this device to its maximum.