I Punch All My Stress Away

I looked in the mirror this morning and realized one thing that I have grown too lazy to even think of burning down some fats. And thinking about my boyfriend who dumped me, made me too dramatic and discouraged to even try to maintain the figure I had. Yes, it is indeed pathetic, but we girls tend to react too intensely at times.

Like cold water poured out on me, I finally realized that no matter what, I am the only person accountable and responsible for my body. And so, I began looking for something that would help me bring back the old me: fit, well-toned, strong and sexy. I have become so lazy and weak and perhaps I needed some form of action in my life, to release my frustrations. Then it hit me and I realized that I needed something to vent out my anger and frustrations on and then I saw the heavy bag.

So, I bought the 70 LB punching bag online, where I got twenty five percent discount for signing up. I got very excited.  I talked to a friend of mine who happens to be a boxing instructor who enumerated the benefits that I will be enjoying with this workout. He also showed me photos of some women who were three times bigger than I am but they exhibited immense changes in their body after training with a punching bag.

With excitement, I started working out with a punching bag, but it was not as easy as it looked in the promotional videos supplied with the punching bag kit. It was quite painful. The gloves and wristband which I was using for punches were not good according to my friend, who persuaded me to get some quality punching gear.

So I bought the complete punching gear set – the boxing gloves and the speed bag which drastically improved the results. My friend taught me how to punch correctly. He also showed me how to keep still while punching and maintain the balance. It’s almost a week now, I am already starting to see some progress!