Rightline Gear 110730 – A Good Product


As truck tents are relatively new to the camping world, choosing a product is not an easy task. Still, I believe I made the right choice when I picked the Rightline Gear model. If you want a comfortable, easily installed and coming with an affordable price tent, the Rightline Gear is a decent choice featured among the top choices in terms of truck tents. Before buying it, however, measure your truck’s bed with the tailgate up to find its dimensions. Once you’ve passed that, choose from the various sizes and models in which the tent is available to see which one best fits your truck. Normally, there should be a model sized to fit any type of truck.

This tent comes in a combination of grey and orange and it includes a grey stuff sack, three matching color poles, an orange rainfly and the sewn-in set up guide. It is not difficult to install, and the main straps are strong enough to sustain it even in windy days. Actually, one of the advantages of truck tents is that they tend to be more stable and what you can really appreciate at this tent is that the nylon buckles and straps are made in such a way to prevent scratching your truck’s paint.

The 3 tent poles go into color matching sleeves, in case you have no idea where to insert them. After doing that, you just fix the poles into the pole pockets that also have the same color with their matching pole. This feature makes this product easy to install even the first time. The rainfly comes right on top of your tent, and, to ensure better rain protection, the seams are also waterproof sealed. However, if you have any problems with the installation process, don’t forget that the tent comes with a sewn-in set up guide.

This tent is a floorless model, which means you need to add a mattress to it or a tent rug, though the first option is the most comfortable.The advantage of the floorless model is that you do not need to remove your tools or other items you have thrown in your truck to make room for the tent.

It is fitted with a sky vent, which you can use for refreshing the air inside the tent or just as a window to watch the stars at night or to provide more light in the morning when you don’t want to unzip the door immediately. Once the tent is set up you will get to see some very convenient features: a lantern hook and, once the dark sets in, the glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, which will help you to easily get out of it in the middle of the night. The downside of using a truck tent is the pre-configured shape and size that you need to adapt to your truck’s bed, a process that you need to repeat if you want to buy an inflatable mattress, so that it adjusts perfectly to the available space. A second disadvantage, also related to the space limitation is that, at least in the case of this product, only two people can sleep in it (maybe two and a half), so, if you go camping with your family, you will need more than one tent.