Safety First When Working with a Drill Press

I sometimes want to create something with the piece of wood that I have kept in my basement. But every time I determine to create something out of this wood, I always stop when I have to drill either for the added functionality of that piece of wood or just plain design. And I wonder how people did it in the past like in the times of Benjamin Franklin. How do they drill a straight hole into a piece of wood or mount the pictures and paintings on the wall? Were they even capable of doing this in the past? I always have been wondering about this, when last year my wife gifted a drill press to me on our wedding anniversary and it cleared all my doubts.

Seriously, drill press has been a great help to me since then, making my life less complicated than it already is… Oops. And it makes my woodcraft hobby more interesting and enjoyable. Now I use it so often, that I want every household to have one.

I am so grown up to this hobby that I opted to teach Technology and Livelihood Education in my school. In this new pursuit of teaching woodcraft skills, I love to teach my students, the art of making something brilliant and utilizable out of wood. It requires not only your creative ideas, but also accuracy, especially when putting up a complicated design to that piece of wood.

With so many different varieties of woods to work on, you need different levels of precaution to make a hole. With the drill press, you can drill a straight hole on any kind of wood without having to worry about breaks and then you can sell the woodwork piece at a desired rate. It is a profitable hobby that one can engage with.