Why I love my new foot spa

I’ve been looking for the perfect spa machine for a long time. I went over multiple foot massage spa reviews. Many times I have decided for a product, only to change my mind after a couple of minutes. The reason for my indecision is that the first product I bought cracked in the first months of use. It was made with poor quality plastic, and I could notice from the beginning that the massage rollers and nodes at the bottom only delivered a fainted massage.

Fortunately, at last, I’ve managed to find a positively amazing foot spa. It is solidly built with a strong plastic that I’m sure will take me a while to crack or even scratch. It looks like an usual foot spa tool and it is fitted with a splashguard. It took me some thinking before ordering it, because it cost me more than double the money I paid for my first foot spa machine. In the end, after I remembered how unpleasantly surprised I was when I first used my previous foot spa machine, I decided it was worth the investment. This time I wasn’t disappointed.

The foot spa offers four main functions, all of which can be set using a single control that you turn until it points to the one you want. At the back, it has a drainage hose so I don’t have to carry it with my hands and empty it, which is a major advantage since I love filling my spa with as much water as possible. This item has a maximum water level indicated on its surface and I never put less water than the maximum allowed. The floor has a massage pattern that presses on trigger points on your sole that spread the relaxation feeling throughout the body, not only in your feet.

The feature that I am most pleased with is its heating power. I can easily be satisfied with a quality bubble massage and good vibration levels, but I really care about optimal water temperature. This machine heats water until 50 degrees Celsius and it keeps it that way, but also alerts you when the water’s temperature exceeds the 42 degrees limit I can literally spend an hour enjoying the hot water. I just sit there and at a point, when I’ve had enough, I start clipping my nails and peeling off dead skin with a pumice stone. However, the essential is that the water temperature remains stable, and I am able to turn the heating function off and restart whenever I please. This was a major surprise, since the heating function is always unsatisfying in most foot spa machines that I have used.

The second most thrilling feature that I absolutely adore at this foot spa is that it offers a lot of space. It’s not one of those spa monsters that you can fit your legs almost up to your knees, but it is taller than most spa machines that always made me feel like I needed more water and I couldn’t feel comfortable enough, afraid I might spill water on the floor. When using this product, my feet feel comfortable, and I think it can be used by any person, no matter their feet size.